Well I got off the phone with my interviewer about an hour ago. I’ve been winding down since, had a conference call. The interview went really really well! The guy I talked to, an SDE2 in UC, was really cool! We talked a lot about what he does and his career “track” at MS. We discussed the SDE career path as well as the PM and SDET career path. I’m pretty sold on SDE at this point ;).

The interview itself was less of an interview and more of a conversation. I was asked things about my experience and the hardest technical challenge I had to overcome. I wasn’t asked any of the famous logic problems, only one coding problem. I was pretty nervous for this because I didn’t know how to study for it but it turned out to be pretty easy! The problem was, given a string, supply the frequency of charaters in the string.

Hopefully I’ll hear back soon . . .