Well I just heard from my MSFT recruiter today — my phone interview was a success! Nick the phone interviewer, if you’re out there reading this, thanks buddy! Some time in the next 10 days a representative of MSFT will be getting ahold of me to arrange for travel and boarding for my on-site in the next month or so.

Now comes the hard part! I ended up reading most of the book “How would you move Mt. Fuji?”, a kind of expose on MSFT’s interviewing technique. Of course none of these questions or the things I studied ended up applying to the phone interview but, now that I’ve made it through that, I’m definately going to have to apply some of the techniques that I learned!

Also I’ve been reading a “soft copy” of Code Complete — I think the first edition? It will really help me with code quality and things to look out for during the coding portion and whiteboarding portion of the on-site.

I will be looking for some aditional resources — please check back for those of you who want them!