Well, I gave it a shot and didn’t make it. The on site with Microsoft didn’t go so great. 4 interviews, two went well, two went poorly — very poorly.

I interviewed with the Windows Live Experience team. It was fun to get to peek in to that group and the things they do and deal with. I spent most of my day (three of the interviews) with individuals in the security group. One of the guys was a tester on the Hotmail spam filter — how cool is that?!

Anyway, point is I’m not a MS employee :(. They said “try again next year” so I think I’ll do that.

There is, however, good news! I just accepted a position at a company in Portland, OR called Jive Software. I’m very excited to start work there — I start on the 22nd of June. All of the people that I’ve met there have been super nice. The facilities are amazing. The building is right in Downtown Portland! I’ll hopefully get myself a digital camera before I start there, post some photos up on Flickr.

Sine the MS thing fell through, though, I’ve been working for Channelmatter, Inc. It’s been a pretty OK gig, the money is good and the work isn’t too tough…I just need to get in to an office and work with other people and such. Bad. So, I hit the road looking for work and found it in Portland.

If anyone in Portland wants to hang out please just drop me a line whenever!